Are you looking to capture Your perfect proposal moment with beautiful photos?

Here are some tips for couples looking for proposal photography:

Talk or meet with the photographer beforehand: It's important to discuss your vision and plan out the logistics of the proposal. This will give the photographer an opportunity to scout the location, lighting, and any potential obstacles.

Communication is key

Make sure you communicate clearly with the photographer about where they will be positioned during the proposal and any cues they may need to capture the moment perfectly.

Be Prepared

As professional photographers, we know that Proposals can happen quickly and unexpectedly, so it's important that the photographer is prepared to capture every moment of the proposal.

  • Choosing a proposal location in Fredericksburg. Proposing at one of our 60 plus wineries or local landmarks such as downtown Fredericksburg or Enchanted Rock can be beautiful.
  • Lighting is key in photography, so it's important to find the best lighting for photos. Consider the time of day and weather conditions when choosing the location. Your photographer can help you with deciding this during your consultation.
  • It's important for the photographer to be as discreet as possible during the proposal so as not to distract from the moment. To do this we dress in neutral clothing and avoid using flash if possible.
  • The couple's reactions and emotions are the heart of proposal photography. We focus on capturing your expressions and the emotions of the moment.

Remember to have fun! Proposals are joyful moments, so make sure to enjoy the experience along with the photographer. We will fade into the background to help you relax and capture beautiful photos of this special moment. By following these tips, you can ensure that your proposal photography will be a beautiful and memorable representation of your special moment.