“We need to set a date for photos ASAP! I’ve been chosen to walk on the runway at New York Fashion Week” 

When Carla Messler shared her amazing news that she needed photos for a billboard in Times Square to promote Marc Defang New York during fashion week my heart was filled with joy. Seeing her fearlessly chase her dreams and land such a prestigious opportunity was incredible.

Carla Messler has a background with pageants. In 2014 she was named "Ms. Texas United America Elite" in a state-level pageant in San Antonio, competing the category for women ages 40-plus. She represented Texas in a national pageant . She was approached by a visitor to Kerrville at her business who suggested she consider entering, and she stepped outside her comfort zone and gained the sash and crown to show her success.

Carla Messer is a native Texan, who has been involved in her community and the pageant industry for several years. Her most recent title is a lifetime title as Texas United America Ambassador. Giving back is one of her priorities in life and has spent over a decade dedicating her time to the people of her community working as a nurse and caring for elderly patients. She uses her sash and crown as a gateway to help with multiple organizations and charities such as: The American Heart Association, promoting healthy living for the elderly community and raising awareness for cancer research. Carla is always doing something productive and loves the idea of beauty with a purpose.

Here are some of her beauty pageant accomplishments.

Ms. Texas United America Elite 2014

Ms. United America Elite 2015

Ms. Rio Frio Texas United America 2016

Ms. Texas United America Ambassador Lifetime holder 2017

It's moments like these that reaffirm why I'm so passionate about supporting women in their pursuits. Carla's success is not just hers alone—it's a victory for all of us who believe in empowering each other and cheering on our fellow women.

From our beloved small town of Fredericksburg to the dazzling lights of NYC, Carla's opportunity is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and unwavering belief in oneself.

If you are out there with a dream as big as the sky: know that I'm here to lift you, support you, and celebrate every milestone along the way. 

I would love to hear about it and support and encourage you. If you are interested in booking a photoshoot for an opportunity fill out our contact form.

Together, let's keep shining bright and lighting up the world with our dreams!